Moo-ve Over Wine, Beer and Cheese May be a Better Pair

( Pixabay )

It has longed been assumed that wine and cheese have always made the perfect pair, but one Minnesota brewing company is challenging that belief.

“Pairing” with Undeniably Dairy, Fulton Brewing Company,located in Minneapolis, Minn., is working to marry some of their most popular beer varieties with Minnesota’s best cheeses. So far, the brewery has matched some of their craft beers with St. Pete’s select blue cheese from Caves of Faribault by Prairie Farms, whiskey-washed muenster by Redhead Creamery and a savory cheddar from Land O’ Lakes’.

“People think beer comes in one flavor, but there are so many different kinds,” says Fulton brewer, Tanner Luke, in an interview with the StarTribune.“Wine and beer are more similar than people think.”

It’s not just the beer and cheese that make a great combination. Working alongside dairy farmers, Fulton Brewing Company donates some of their spent grain for producers to use in their total mixed ration. Supporting sustainable practices, a portion of the proceeds from the beer and cheese paired flights will be donated to Brewing a Sustainable Future, a program that matches breweries with farmers to help them sustainably use this brewing byproduct, according to City Pages.

“It’s really pairing Fulton Brewery and their sustainability story with what we do with sustainability, because we have that in common,” Margaret Johnson, and Minnesota dairy farmer, told City Pages.

Although the beer and cheese flight pairing will only be available for a limited time, Fulton Brewing Company plans to incorporate one of the three cheeses into its regular menu to promote the cheese pairing. 

“In America, there’s been this explosion of careful consideration of flavors and tasting,” Liz Nerud, a cheesemonger, also known as professional cheese matcher, told the StarTribune. “People are being more mindful about things, and they’re treating [food and drink] as an experience, not just sustenance.”

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