More than $2,200 Sexed Semen Stolen from UK Dairy

Valued at over $2,200 U.S. (£1800 U.K.,) nearly 60 units of sexed semen collected from six different bulls was stolen from a U.K. dairy farmer in Cossington, Somerset England.

Matthew Bell, owner of Brookhayes Farm, noticed the semen went missing sometime on New Year’s Eve.

“It’s a very unusual theft,” Bell told Farmers Weekly. “I had only just stocked up, but they took all the sexed semen.”

Using the sexed semen on virgin heifers to guarantee herd replacements, Bell was puzzled when he found his re-stocked semen tank empty.

“The easiest thing to do would have been to take the flask (semen tank,) but they must have had their own flask and transferred the goods across. They were professional. They clearly knew what they were doing. It would have taken them about 10-15 minutes to sort the flask out.”

Hoping the semen thieves turn themselves in, Bell is working with the Avon and Somerset Police to catch the criminals.

“Somebody must know where it is,” Bell said. “If you are offered the product, you will know something is not right.”

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