More Arrests Made in Florida Animal Abuse Case

Two additional arrests made at Larson Dairy for animal cruelty. ( Wyatt Bechtell )

Following three arrests in November 2017, two additional arrests were made yesterday regarding animal cruelty charges at Larson Dairy in Okeechobee, Florida.

Juan Carrasco and Juan Carlos Hernandez join three former Larson Dairy employees now awaiting conviction after an undercover video was released in August 2017. Both allegedly had beaten animals with homemade tools.

Mario Hernandez, Fernando Lopez Cruz and Naul Garcia have also been placed in jail. Hernandez faces the felony charge of causing cruel death, pain and suffering while Cruz and Garcia are charged with misdemeanors of cruelty to animals.

Posing as an employee, an undercover Animal Recovery Mission investigator secretly captured video of several dairy workers mistreating both calves and cows. After seeing the footage, Publix, one of the largest supermarkets in the U.S., announced it would no longer purchase milk from Larson Dairy, nor Burnham Dairy Farm, a Second Florida Dairy Accused of Animal Abuse.


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