New Bedding Dryer can Drive Moisture to 2%

A new bedding dryer from McLanahan can take the moisture of recycled

sand or bedding solids down to as low as 2% and kill mastitis-causing pathogens.

"By producing cleaner, drier bedding faster and more efficiently, dairies will see improvements in milk quality and cow health, as well as many other areas of their operation," says Renee Shrift, director of sales and customer service for McLanahan's Agricultural Division.

"Bacteria need three things to survive - food, heat and moisture. Take any one of these away, and you greatly diminish the ability of mastitis-causing organisms to survive," says Schrift. "By significantly reducing moisture in recycled sand or manure solids, the McLanahan Bedding Dryer helps reduce bacterial growth and lower somatic cell count for higher milk quality."

The Bedding Dryer is designed to process up to 90 tons per hour of recycled sand and up to 18 tons per hour of reclaimed manure solids. "There's no need for moving and windrowing sand with payloaders, or stockpiling it until it dries," says Schrift.

"The material can and should be used immediately after its discharge from the dryer. Producers will very quickly realize the benefits of dry, clean bedding without the expense of mechanical conditioning."

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Note: This story appears in the April 2017 issue of Dairy Herd Management.