New National Milk Production Record Set by Wisconsin Cow

One Wisconsin cow has beat out another Wisconsin cow for the most milk produced in a single, 365-day lactation, reports Holstein Association USA.

Selz-Pralle Aftershock 3918 produced 78,170 lb of milk, 3,094 pounds of butterfat and 2,393 lb of protein in her last lactation. She is owned by Pam Selz-Pralle and Scott Pralle, Humbird, Wis. Aftershock 3918 produced an average of 15 lb of combined fat and protein each day of her most recent lactation, and had produced 44,000 lb. of milk as a three-year-old and nearly 59,000 lb of milk as four-year-old.

“3918 descends from a cow we bought when we expanded 20 years ago,” says Pralle.  “She is a solid, hardworking, ‘blue collar’ Holstein cow who lives in a freestall barn and likes to be left alone. She is the perfect cow since she causes no problems; you don’t even know she’s there.”

The Selz-Pralles milk 360 registered Holsteins, which have a rolling herd average of 30,917 lb. of milk.

Aftershock 3918 beats out Ever-Green-View My Gold-ET, who was the previous record holder with 77,480 lb of milk in a single lactation. My Gold is owned by the Kestell family of Waldo, Wis.