New PACE sires released from Accelerated Genetics

Baraboo, Wis. – Accelerated Genetics is releasing 10 Holsteins and a Jersey, a Brown Swiss and a Ayrshire to their PACE young sire program. Semen from these young sires will be allocated to dairy producers participating in the PACE program throughout the country.

Holstein Sires:
014HO06701 Cookiecutter Hunkydory-ET has high net merit and genomic TPI levels from a high production and type family. He is sired by GeneForce sire Bowser, the high genomic ranking Jet Stream son. Hunkydory's dam is an outstanding Shottle daughter scoring Very Good-86 in her first lactaion and produced over 25,000M with 4.9%F and 3.3%P. He has genomic transmitting abilities of nearly +700NM$ and +2300GTPI with a 8%SCE. 014HO06701 Hunkydory was bred by Cookiecutter Holsteins, Hudson Falls, N.Y.

014HO06706 Olde-Homestead CS Butane-ET is a Super son with a unique sire stack on his maternal side of the pedigree. He offers outcross potential to Shottle, Goldwyn and Planet progeny and grand progeny. The dam of Butane is a Very Good-86 Allegro daughter with 31,750M, 1354F, 1037P. The next dam is a Very Good-86 Eland with 27,150M, 1311F, 935P. His genomic PTA's indicate high milk production with high components, strong health traits with high type. Ben &; Karen Muenster of Seymour, Wis., bred 014HO06706 Butane.

High type and great health traits can all be found in 014HO06707 April-Day Volaris-ET. He is sired by Destry*RC, the high genomic Goldwyn son that is +2071 GTPI. The dam of Volaris is a Very Good-86 Shottle with 26,310M, 974F, 780P that has several progeny that score well in their genomic evaluations. His grandam is a Very Good-88 Rubens daughter with 26,110M, 996F, 774P. He has GTPI of +2126 along with a PTAT of +3.42, UDC of +2.71 and terrific health traits. 014HO06707 Volaris is from Edward Peck, Madison, Wis.

014HO06711 Can-Tim Garrett Sulley-ET is a Garrett son that ranks extremely well in all areas, including production yield, components, type, udders, feet and legs, health and calving traits. Sulley's dam is a Very Good-86 Shottle daughter with two outstanding records, her best being 43,720M, 1362F, 1368P. The maternal grandam is a Lheros daughter with top lactation of 33,900M, 1364F, 1074P. He is 5%SCE and 5%DCE along with +50F and +40P on his genomic PTAs. 014HO06711 Sulley was bred by Bells Udder Farm from Camp Douglas, Wis.

014HO06728 B-S-D GW Atwood Silverado is an extreme sire for conformation, udders and feet and legs. He is sired by the high type Goldwyn young genomic sire, Atwood, who also holds extreme values for conformation, udders and feet and legs. His dam is a Very Good-85 Shottle with a first lactation of 34,200M, 1351F, 1009P. The next dam is also Very Good-85 with a top milk record of 44,810M, 1416F, 1209P. Silverado has genomic PTA's of +3.77PTAT, +3.40UDC and +3.85FLC. Blue Star Dairy Farm of Middleton, Wis., bred 014HO06728 Silverado.

Great health traits, high type and udders from a deep cow family just starts to describe some of the qualites of 014HO06742 Cook-Farm Domain Sylvan. He is a son of Domain, the high genomic ranking Toystory son. Sylvan's dam is a Mac daughter scored Very Good-86 that made 25,000M, 1022F, 870P in her first lactation. The second dam is an impressive Excellent-92 Oman with 110,000M lifetime and a top record of over 35,000M. He has genomic transmitting abilities of +4.7PL, 2.81SCS, +1.9DPR, +2.60T and +2.79FLC. 014HO06742 Sylvan was bred by Cook Farm from Hadley, Mass.

014HO06759 T&;L-Haven Mnomn Train combines high DPR, excellent components and superb conformation into one package. He is a Man-O-Man son, the complete Oman son with exceptional components and conformation. Train's dam is an Excellent-92 Goldwyn with a best lactation record of 34,000M, 1320F, 1117P. The maternal grandam is an Excellent-90 2E Boss Iron with 34,280M, 1183F, 1035P. He has genomic PTA's of +48F, +51P, +2.77PTAT, +2.26UDC, +2.67FLC, +1.6DPR and +2235GTPI. 014HO06759 Train is from Tom Paider, Denmark, Wis.

014HO06772 Heatherstone-V Manitoba-ET has PTAT of +4.27, which ranks him among the very best in the breed. His dam is a Very Good-87 DOM Goldwyn daughter with 37,760M, 1606F, 1096P. The next dam is a Very Good-86 GMD DOM Finley with 36,090M, 1295F, 1046P. The third dam is a Very Good-88 GMD DOM BW Marshall with a best lactation record of 42,820M, 1811F, 1220P. With genomic PTA's of +4.27PTAT, +2.94UDC and +2.98FLC Manitoba will improve type, udders and feet and legs. Heatherstone Ventures of Baraboo, Wis., bred 014HO06772 Manitoba.

014HO06792 Bomaz Domain Search 1130-ET is sired by the Toystory son, Domain, a high genomic young sire. Search's dam is a Socrates daughter still working on her first lactation, at 257 days she has 24,441M, 954F, 699P. The second dam is Bomaz Lynch 2411 she is scored Excellent-90 GMD DOM and produced 44,480M, 2267F, 1507P in her best lactation and is the dam of Emerald. Genomic PTA's on Search indicate he is a high milk improving sire at +1723M with high conformation at +3.09PTAT. 014HO06792 Search was bred by Bomaz, Inc., Hammond, Wis.

Extreme production, type and lonevity can all be found together in the offerings of 014HO06816 JNP-ATH-MOR OBS Navy-ET. He is an Observer son, the high ranking Planet son who is known for his high genomic evaluations for total performance and net merit. Navy's dam is an Excellent-91 Shottle daughter that has two records over 35,000M to her credit with a top of nearly 37,000M, over 1300F and 1050P. The next dam is a Very Good-88 Morty that also has two records over 35,000M. He possesses genomic transmitting abilities of +2031M, +76F, +55P, +740NM$, +5.5PL, 2.70SCS, +3.33T, +3.02UDC and +2381GTPI. 014HO06816 Navy is from Ath-Mor Holsteins, Lee, N.H.

Jersey Sire:
014JE00572 All Lynns Lotto Vegas-ET is a high profile young sire with an extremely high GJPI of +247 and is free of JH1 haplotype. He is sired by Lotto, a high genomic young sire that is sired by Jevon. Vegas is out of the famous Violet cow, world renowned brood cow and bull dam, she is an Excellent-90 Paramount daughter with a top production record of 27,600M, 1167F, 953P. He has genomic PTA's of +1539M, +91F, +58P, to compliment this he has PL value of +5.1 and is +1.2 for PTAT. At +247GJPI Vegas is one of the highest JPI sires available that is free of the JH1 haplotype. David Allen of Reedsburg, Wis., bred 014JE00572 Vegas.

Brown Swiss Sire:
014BS00361 Fjel-Mar Hoel DBLE Dutch-ET *TM has a unique pedigree that offers attractive type and positive components. He is a son of Joel, the high ranking Ace son that transmits great rear udders. Dutch's dam is an Excellent TD daugther that is a high producing cow as well as an impressive individual. He is +.01%F, +.02%P, +.70T, +.69UDS and +1.02FLC. 014BS00361 Dutch was bred by Mark &; Diane Fjelstad, Zumbo Falls, Minn.

Ayrshire Sire:
From the cow family that produced Burdette comes high profile young sire, 014AY00031 Palmyra Calimero Blackjack-ET. He is sired by Calimero, the very popular Trident son from Canada. Blackjack's dam is Burdette's full sister and is an Excellent-90 Tri-Star daugther with 26,070M, 1013F, 837P. The maternal grandam is an Excellent-90 Reno with 35,780M, 1374F, 1123P and over 120,000 lifetime. 014AY00031 Blackjack is from Mark Creek of Hagerstown, Md.



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