New Silage and Forage Skid Steer Attachments from John Deere

John Deere has added forage accessories to it’s Worksite Pro attachments line, including two silage defacers (AD7 and AD11), five bale spears (AB21, AB31, AB32, AB42 and AB43) and a bale hugger (AH80). 

The AD7 and AD11 silage defacers loosen silage while maintaining a smooth, compacted bunker. The tool pierces, separates and rakes without cutting or reducing the size of the silage, to help blending. Adjustable guides allow a deep cut up to 3". 


To transport baled materials, there are five bale spear attachments (AB21, AB31, AB32, AB42 and AB43) for loading, carrying and stacking bales up to 4,000 lb. There are three different configurations of single, dual and triple spears to help match numerous bale handling sizes.

For operators who prefer a tighter grip for stacking and loading, but need the lift capacity for large bales, the AH80 bale hugger is designed with round tubing to provide maximum durability while preventing damage to wrapped bale coverings. With a maximum load of 2,400 lb. of round or rectangular bales, the bale hugger provides constant pressure that eliminates the risk of dropping the bales.


Attachments are compatible with most skid steers and loaders with a Quik-Tatch coupler. To learn more, visit or your local dealer.