New website from University of Illinois Dairy Focus Lab

The University of Illinois has launched a website that is intended to serve as a tool for communicating with the dairy industry and the community at large.

The site,, presents the work of the Dairy Focus Lab, which was created in 2012. Research at Dairy Focus is conducted at the Dairy Cattle Research Unit and Teaching Center and at commercial dairy farms in Illinois. It is grounded in two major areas: 1) mechanisms of metabolic adaptation from gestation to lactation in dairy cows (transition period), and 2) impact of nutrition on metabolism, reproduction, and health in dairy cows.

"We have the opportunity to collaborate and work on projects relating to these areas as well as the conjunction between them," said assistant professor of animal sciences Phil Cardoso, who is head of the laboratory. "Our focus is on dairy cow nutrition, reproduction, and the results of its combination." Both graduate and undergraduate students are involved with the research.

The website is still in the process of development. The plan is for it to be in English and Spanish and serve as a center for resources such as publications, instructional videos, and useful links.

"The Dairy Lab is aware of and committed to meeting the challenges of the Illinois dairy industry and dairy farmers at large," Cardoso said. "These principles give the basis for the research program and future collaborations within and outside the U of I"s Department of Animal Sciences."




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