November Nutritionist: New Products

Digi-Star introduces WeighLog hydraulic weighing system

Digi-Star introduced the WeighLog for wheel, telescopic and skidsteer loaders. This system provides a user-friendly on-board weighing system that can be used for loading, check weighing and simple batching.

With the WeighLog system, users know the weight of the feedstuff in the bucket before leaving the pile, maximizing productivity and improving ration consistency. Large round and square bales can also be weighed when brought in from the field and categorized by weight.

The WeighLog system can be retrofitted on most loaders and forklifts, as well as other hydraulic lift systems like dump carts. The system will be available from Digi-Star"s network of original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) and distributors.



TechMix introduces new propylene blend for treating ketosis

TechMix introduced Propylene Advantage, combining propylene glycol with glycerine for the treatment of ketosis.

Glycerine is proven to enter the cow"s metabolic pathway much closer to glucose, which is required for synthesizing milk. This metabolic efficiency can help quickly ease demands on the liver for glucose production.

Sold in 1-gallon jugs and 55-gallon drums, liquid Propylene Advantage can be easily administered to cattle in the same way as ordinary propylene glycol products. It can also be used in chiller units.

Propylene Advantage is manufactured in the United States and available through animal health distributors.

For more information, visit


Neonorm™ Calf introduced

Jaguar Animal Health introduced Neonorm™ Calf, is a novel gastrointestinal product that rapidly reduces dehydration, speeds calf recovery from water loss and promotes normal stool formation. Its bolus formulation makes for easy delivery by hand or balling gun, and is given twice daily for three days upon the first sign of loose stools.

Field-tested in controlled studies in preweaned dairy calves, Neonorm™ Calf reduces water loss from the circulatory system caused by the secretion of chloride ions from cells lining the intestine. The product may be used along with electrolytes if the calf is dehydrated and supportive care is vital.

Further testing, involving 1,300 calves at Cornell, Tufts University and the University of California, Davis, is ongoing. Research results will be submitted for publication and presentation in scientific peer-reviewed journals and select veterinary congresses.

ANIMART, Inc., a Wisconsin-based supplier of animal health products and veterinary supplies for dairy and livestock producers, is the first retailer of the product.

Jaguar Animal Health is an animal health company focused on developing and commercializing gastrointestinal products for production and companion animals. For more information, contact Jaguar customer service at 415-371-8310.


Genex introduces Push™ nutritional calf paste

Dairy and beef producers can now give newborn calves a little extra boost of energy with Push™, a calf nutritional paste available from Genex Cooperative, Inc.

Push provides newborn calves with a balanced blend of two key colostrum components – globulin proteins and milkfat. It also supplements energy in many situations where calves face stress or disease challenges, including when calves are: recovering from disease or infection; not consuming adequate feed and acting lethargic; being transported long distances; when scouring, not consuming feed and losing weight; or those not receiving adequate colostrum immediately following birth

Genex is a subsidiary of Cooperative Resources International. For more information, call 888-333-1783 or visit



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