Novus Releases U.S. Beef Nutrition Products

By Sara Brown

As cattlemen learned about new products at the 2010 Cattle Industry Convention, Novus International, a St. Charles, Mo.,-based global company, is committing feed research and products to the U.S. beef industry.
"Feed cost is the highest input cost for beef producers,” says Stephanie Gable, Novus ruminant marketing manager. "As we look at what's happening in the feed market, we realized we need to get better at formulating rations to help producers get economical ways to make performance to happen. 

"Novus, once a division of Monsanto, has been in the animal nutrition industry for more than five decades, and doing beef research since the 1970s,” she adds.
Novus beef-related feedproducts include:

  • Allmet: liquid form of methionine supplement
  • MFP: dry form of methionine supplement
  • Mintrex: bioavailable trace mineral for the small intestine
  • Agroto Plus, a feed supplement blend of antioxidants that also manages oxidative stress
  • Zorien SeY, yeast feed additive enriched with selenium,
  • Zorien Mos, yeast feed additive to stimulate beneficial bacteria in the digestive system
  • Solus: anti-caking agent to support immune health and improve mycotoxin-challenged animals.

Novus is working with many major feed companies, so cattle producers will be able to find these products by contacting their local feed representatives. You can also learn more about Novus and their animal nutrition products for beef, dairy, poultry, swine and equine at