This pasteurizer is a jack-of-all-trades

The owners of Scheps Dairy in Almena, Wis., had this calf-milk pasteurizer custom-built to meet their specifications. The 80-gallon batch unit pasteurizes waste milk at 145 F for 30 minutes, says Dan Scheps.

Following pasteurization, cold water circulates inside the stainless steel "jacket" that surrounds the vat. This action cools and stores the milk between feedings. Just prior to feeding, a timer (shown in inset photo) activates the unit, which warms the milk to about 100 F.

Scheps also likes the fact that a 5-gallon bucket fits under the milk-dispensing nozzle and that the pasteurizer can be moved through a standard-size door. DR Tech, Inc., of Grantsburg, Wis., built the pasteurizer.

For more information: Call DR Tech, Inc., at (715) 463-5216.



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