The Pasture Gel Mat Stall System

The Pasture Gel Mat Stall SystemPromat Inc. has developed a revolutionary (Patent Pending) product called the Pasture Gel Mat. We begin with two pieces of PVC with a scrim woven inside, which make up the exterior portion of our mat. We then have a series of 17 "T" bars, also made of PVC, which are glued to the inside of these two exterior parts. These "T" bars form a cellular structure to the mat and have a dual function. First, they prevent the mat from going round like a balloon, and secondly, with the cutting away of strategically placed and sized holes, we can effectively regulate the speed that the liquid can move around within the confines of the mat.

The Pasture Gel Mat Stall SystemTo further regulate this movement, we are using gel to limit the speed in which the liquid can move, either through the holes, or around the end of the "T" bar. This gel is a Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) powder and is inserted into the mat during the production phase. At the time of installation, the mat is filled on the farm with water to a low pressure, then covered with a top cover for its protection and for hygienic purposes. When in use, this Pasture Gel Mat forms to the cow, relieving pressure points and virtually eliminating hock sores.


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