Pennsylvania’s Dairy Industry Creates $28.31 Billion Economic Impact

An economic report shows the importance of the dairy industry to Pennsylvania with impacts including a $28.31 billion boost to the economy while providing more than 137,000 jobs in 2017.

The direct employment of the dairy industry includes 45,029 people, while another 92,624 jobs are indirectly from dairy production through suppliers.

The jobs data comes from Dairy Delivers, the International Dairy Foods Association’s economic impact tool. “Got Jobs?” is a collaborative information campaign put together by the U.S. Dairy Export Council, National Milk Producers Federation, and International Dairy Foods Association.

Dairy exports from Pennsylvania accounted for $788 million in 2017 and created 3,979 jobs.


The report was shared at a recent Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board meeting.

“The Board understands its important responsibility to provide the regulatory framework underlying all segments of Pennsylvania’s dairy industry, which contributes so much to Pennsylvania’s economy and culture,” Consumer Member Carol Hardbarger observed.  “We will continue to directly engage with everyone involved in the industry, from the farm to the consumer, as we work to further improve the environment for dairy in Pennsylvania.”

More stats from the report specific to Pennsylvania can be found here.

Reports for other states are available at