A Personal Testimonial on the US Clean Water Act

I am posting this to make as many people aware of how serious the US Clean Water Act is. 

I was the owner of three dairy farms, I got charged with breaking the US Clean Water Act. I did not personally discharge the water, however since I was the owner and manager of our dairy facility, I was held accountable. You will be held accountable also, if one of your employees does something similar to what one of mine did. Something as simple as spraying stored water from a water basin, onto the yard can open up a big can of worms and can get the Federal EPA involved in an investigation. 

This led me to where I am right now, no longer owning three family farms (one of which has been in our family over 100 years), a new job, 5 years’ probation and a hefty fine. This doesn’t include the sleepless nights and the mental toll it took on me and my family. 

My advice to any farmer or livestock owner out there, is to spend the money and make sure all of your operations are done correctly and are up to compliance with all rules and regulations. Trust me when I say that it will be cheaper to spend $50,000+ in getting things up to code rather than $200,000 on all the legal expenses. 

Scott Etcher, previous owner of Etcher Family Farms LLC. In New London Iowa.