PETA Continues Anti-Dairy Month Campaign with Bus Advertisements

Peta targets dairy industry event.
( PETA )

Visitors to the Meridian Dairy Days expo in Meridian, Idaho, will see 4-H and FFA members caring for their animals at the local dairy show. Before arriving, however, guests may be greeted with this:

“Do I look like your mother? Cow’s milk is for calves. Dump dairy. Go vegan.”

PETA is already preparing for the event having purchased four ads to be displayed throughout the month on ValleyRide bus transportation. Four buses will feature these advertisements and will run routes between Meridian and Boise, likely carrying visitors to the June 20-23 event.

Similar to the “De-calf your coffee. Dairy is udder cruelty. Choose almond, soy or coconut,”campaign launched at the beginning of National Dairy Month, PETA is hoping to steer consumers away from dairy products.

“We’re pointing out that half of Americans consume non-dairy milk,” said Amber Canavan, spokeswoman for PETA. “We’re especially hoping people going to events like Dairy Days see there are more (milk) options not harmful to cows.”

Being met with mixed messages about the dairy industry could confuse Dairy Day goers, making it more challenging for farmers to prove how much they care for their animals.

“The last ones who are cruel to animals are cattlemen and dairymen,” said Hans Bruijn, Meridian Dairy Board President. “They are some of the best caretakers of animals.”

It is unclear if PETA protestors will attend the event. Despite the Peta messaging, dairy farmers and event volunteers seek to educate the public about the dairy industry and animal care.

“I leave it up to the public to make up their own mind, and hopefully they do it with some education,” Bruijn said


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