Pfizer Animal Health announces Residue Free Guarantee

MADISON, N.J. — Producers and veterinarians seeking help in avoiding meat and milk drug residues have a solution in the new Residue Free Guarantee* backing five leading anti-infective brands from Pfizer Animal Health. As part of its continued commitment to responsible antibiotic use and milk and meat drug residue avoidance, the company introduces the new guarantee along with a website

Producers and veterinarians confidently can use select Pfizer Animal Health brands without worry of a violative milk or meat residue. The brands covered by the Residue Free Guarantee, along with their labeled withdrawal times, are:

  • EXCEDE® (ceftiofur crystalline free acid) Sterile Suspension (0-day milk withhold and 13-day meat withdrawal)
  • EXCENEL® RTU (ceftiofur hydrochloride) Sterile Suspension (0-day milk withhold and 3-day meat withdrawal)
  • NAXCEL® (ceftiofur sodium) Sterile Powder (0-day milk withhold and 4-day meat withdrawal)
  • SPECTRAMAST® LC (ceftiofur hydrochloride) Sterile Suspension (72-hour milk withhold and 2-day meat withdrawal)
  • SPECTRAMAST DC (ceftiofur hydrochloride) Sterile Suspension (0-day milk withhold, following a 30-day dry period, and 16-day meat withdrawal)

 "The Residue Free Guarantee is our residue avoidance promise to every producer and veterinarian in the dairy industry," says Mike Lormore, DVM, MS, MBA, director, Dairy Veterinary Operations, Pfizer Animal Health.

"Our leading anti-infective brands are effective treatments, and when they are used according to label indications, producers and veterinarians will not have to worry about a violative, ceftiofur residue in milk or meat. That"s our guarantee. No other animal health company makes that kind of commitment to help the industry avoid violative residues."

With the Residue Free Guarantee, in the unlikely event a producer experiences a violative, ceftiofur meat or milk drug residue after using one of these products, he or she will be compensated for the beef market value of the animal or the tanker of milk at fair market value. To qualify for the guarantee, the product must have been purchased from a Pfizer Animal Health-approved supplier and used according to label indications. Documentation of purchase and adequate treatment records also must be maintained.

The educational website,, supports the Residue Free Guarantee by providing producers and veterinarians with information on how to help prevent milk and meat residues. Visitors will find thought-provoking, action-oriented videos about the causes of violative drug residues and tips for getting started on a drug residue prevention plan. In addition, a Residue Risk Assessment tool helps producers evaluate the potential risks of a violative milk or meat residue on their dairy.

"Pfizer Animal Health is committed to the health and profitability of dairy operations and the quality and safety of the food our industry produces," says Dr. Lormore. "No other animal health company provides dairy veterinarians and producers with as many on-label products that effectively treat disease and offer the guarantee of residue avoidance."

To learn more about the Residue Free Guarantee and how to prevent drug residues on the dairy, visit or talk to a Pfizer Animal Health representative.



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