Pistachio shells: A hidden danger

According to a report in the California Dairy Newsletter, dairy cows and heifers from three California dairies have died as a result of eating feed containing pistachio shells.

Dr. Pat Blanchard with the California Animal Health and Food Safety Lab explains:

"In October, the California Animal Health and Food Safety Lab in Tulare received dead cows and heifers from three dairies after animals were fed pistachio hulls contaminated with pistachio shells. The pathologist found colon, abomasum and small intestine impactions caused by the pistachio shells. Deaths were due to intestinal rupture or ulcers that lead to peritonitis at sites of pistachio shell impaction. Pistachio hulls were included in the dry cow and heifer rations and represented 17 to 18% of the DM. One dairy owner visually estimated that pistachio hulls were contaminated with at least 15% pistachio shells."

Click here to read a related article from Dairy Herd Management"s sister publication, Bovine Veterinarian.

Source: California Dairy Newsletter, November 2012



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