PocketDairy Android

PocketDairy AndroidPocketDairy kicked off the handheld dairy management revolution in 2000.  Now it is being used around the farm on the newest Android smartphones, thanks to efforts at Dairy Records Management Systems.

PocketDairy Android displays vital cow statistics regarding production, reproduction, and udder health.  A fling of the screen reveals the lifetime health, vaccination, and protocol history.   Views include cow pages and various lists for calving, breeding and other actions.  A variety of filters allow for simplicity of use, even in the largest of herds.

Following an extensive beta phase, this product is being released to PCDART customers worldwide with the option of choosing different languages including English and Spanish.  Product testers have been raving about PocketDairy Android since beta testing earlier this year.  Darron Schoen of Monett, MO said, "It helps a great deal to be able to look up a cow and find out what the story is.  Our house and our computers are three miles from the farm."

The beta phase revealed that producers love programs that can be used on their smartphones, as opposed to having to carry another device dedicated to farm management.  All current customers are using smartphones, although a few are experimenting with the newest Android tablets appearing on the market.

Mobile computing is posting tremendous growth in the general business and consumer markets as smartphones change the daily routine.  The dairy industry will harness this technology just as effectively, with PocketDairy Android forging ahead.


Go to: http://www.drms.org



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