Podcast examines ice cream purchasing behavior

A recent installment of the Purdue Dairy Digest podcast series looks at ice cream purchasing behavior by consumers.

Consumers are not just paying attention to nutrients and quality, but are putting more emphasis on the practices involved in producing that food. This is reflected in what they are willing to pay for ice cream, explains Melissa McKendree, a graduate student in the department of agricultural economics at Purdue.

"There is a clear trend focusing on the process used to produce the product or its production attributes rather than the actual product itself," McKendree says in the podcast.

She explains the results of an online survey that looks at the willingness of consumers to pay for ice cream based on its production attributes, including pasture access, antibiotic use and rbST use.

Listen to a summary of the results in episode #152 "Shopping for Ice Cream-Consumer Preferences" here.

Source: Purdue Dairy Digest



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