Polish Study Shows Eating Dairy Reduces Risk of Dying

Cheese chunks and wedges.
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A new 12-year study by a Polish University involving 24,474 adults shows that consuming dairy products, particularly cheese and yogurt, will reduce the chance of death by two to eight percent.

The average age of the adults in the study was 47.6 years, with 51.4% of them women, reports NBC News. During a follow-up period of six years, 2,352 of the study subjects died.

Researchers found that those study subjects who consumed dairy of any kind had a two percent lower risk of death of any kind. And if they consumed a dairy diet consisting mostly of cheese their chance of death was 8% lower. In addition, the risk of death from stroke was 4% lower with total dairy consumption, and 7% lower with just milk consumption.

However, the risk of heart disease was increased with higher milk consumption, which the study’s authors from the Medical University of Lodz, Poland, said needs further study.


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