Positive pressure tube ventilation meeting

University of Wisconsin professor Ken Nordlund and his colleagues at the Dairyland Initiative will present a seminar on positive pressure tube ventilation of calf barns on Friday, Feb. 14 in Madison, Wis.

Nordlund will teach basic principles of positive pressure tube systems, including static pressure, uniform discharge along length of tube, and estimating throw distance of air from the tube to deliver appropriate volumes of fresh air to calves without creating drafts. Participants will receive and learn to use the Dairyland Initiative's Positive Pressure Ventilation Tube Calculator to create specifications for example barns. Dairyland Initiative staff will be on hand for plenty of one-on-one interaction.

Following the workshop, participants will be listed on the Dairyland Initiative website as trained consultants in positive pressure tube design for calf barns. Registration fee also includes technical support after the workshop, proceeding notes, reference materials, access to the Dairyland Initiative website, lunch and refreshments.

Daily schedule and program details can be viewed in an online brochure. Online registration is now open, or see the brochure for registration by phone or fax. Up to 20.7 veterinary continuing education credits are available for this program from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine.

Program questions may be directed to Courtney Halbach, Associate Instructional Specialist for The Dairyland Initiative, (608) 262-6800, chalbach@wisc.edu.

Registration, Transportation & Accommodation questions may be directed to Karl Olson, Continuing Education Program Assistant,  (608) 265-5206,  olsonk@vetmed.wisc.edu.




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