Probios Complete

Probios Complete is a novel product from Chr. Hansen which combines the best technologies of three proven feed additives. Probios Complete is a synbiotic (a combination of prebiotics and probiotics). Individually, each of these technologies show positive effects on gut health and cow performance.

Three key concepts surrounding the development of Probios Complete:

• to improve rumen health through increases in rumen pH resulting in increased fiber digestibility

• to provide superior oxygen scavenging capability to improve the rumen microbial environment

• to provide beneficial effects through selective metabolism in the intestinal tract increasing starch digestibility

In a recent trial with cows producing over 100 pounds of milk, a group fed Probios Complete was compared to a Control group and showed increases in dry matter intake, the yield of milk and milk components. Other observations showed improvements in starch digestibility, fecal and body condition scores over the Control.


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