Processing Plant Set to Open in Midst of Industry Closings

Culture Made Vermont announces new processing plant. ( Wyatt Bechtel )

With the announcement of three more dairy processors ceasing operations nationally, producers have growing concerns over whether their milk will continue to have a market. The development of a new dairy processing plant has eased these concerns for some producers in Vermont.

Culture Made Vermont announced in May their plans to convert what was previously a manufacturing building into a processing plant for making dairy and nondairy beverages. The company hopes to specialize in cultured dairy and dairy drinks.

Originally occupied by a defense contractor, L3 KEO, the building, located in Brattleboro, Vermont, will now undergo renovations in preparation for its transition into a processing plant.

With a budget of approximately $32.5 million and extensive reconstruction, Culture Made Vermont has yet to announce when the plant will begin operations. However, approximately 42 employees are expected to be hired before the grand opening.

Located across the country in Tillamook, Oregon, Tillamook Creamery also revealed they would be re-opening their visitor facility after more than a year of construction. The creamery will allow visitors to take a glimpse at their cheese production and gain a better understanding of cows, dairy technology and life on the farm.

The creamery will feature an expanded ice cream counter, coffee and yogurt bar, theater space allowing visitors to view how products are made and an enhanced retail shop. With hopes of drawing in more consumers to learn about the process of making dairy products, the farmer-owned co-op will open this facility June 20, 2018.



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