Reddi-wip Goes Non-Dairy with New Toppings

Launching two non-dairy whipped topping products, Reddi-wip joins plant-based products list.
( Conagra Brands )

The Redi-wip website proclaims, “Real dairy cream is our number one ingredient. Always has been. Always will be.” That no longer seems to be the case. Now using nut-juice as the main ingredient for their two new products, Reddi-wip will now accompany the growing list of dairy alternatives.

Joining the plant-based products list, Reddi-wip, introduces two non-dairy whipped toppings: Reddi-wip Non-dairy Almond and Reddi-wip Non-Dairy Coconut.

While dairy-free ice cream has become more common on grocery store shelves, plant-based whipped toppings have remained harder to find. Straying from their traditional cream-based products, the company will now “cater to consumers’ growing interest in non-dairy, plant-based foods,” according to a CNBC report.

With almond and coconut juice reaching the top of dairy-free products, non-dairy milk sales have grown 61% over the past five years in the U.S. alone according to Mintel International.

"This is an exciting innovation for Reddi-wip that addresses this broader consumer demand and the requests we've received from consumers asking us to bring a non-dairy variety to market," said Ryan Clark, president of the Refrigerated and Frozen division at Conagra Brands.

Originally exclusively dairy, Ben and Jerry’s have also stepped foot into dairy alternative products arena, releasing nine non-dairy ice cream flavors in 2017.

A former dairy processor, Elmhurst Milked, LLC, made the switch from dairy products to dairy alternatives entirely earlier this year. Now producing nut beverages, the company specializes in “peanut milk,” along with milked cashews, almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts.

The move to offer plant-based varieties follows other recent changes to Reddi-wip that addressed consumer desire for more ingredient transparency, including moving to natural flavors and cream from cows not treated with artificial growth hormone (rBST) in the original dairy varieties.