Rice Dairy launches Vault Technologies

With dairy commodity prices dropping, dairy farmers must possess a unique set of business skills to maximize high quality milk production while managing pricing risks and maintaining successful profit margins. To help, Rice Dairy, LLC, a dairy futures brokerage, launched Vault Technologies, LLC, a stand-alone software company specializing in dairy data analysis.

The dairy landscape is becoming more complicated with the constant advance of new machinery, automation technology, ever-shifting consumer trends, pricing dynamics and regulations. "Imagine you are managing a dairy site with 250 to 10,000 cows," said Brian Rice, founder of Rice Dairy, LLC. "How do you stay ahead of industry developments while having the visibility necessary to make critical decisions and ensure the maximum profitability of your business?""

Enabling dairy farmers to maximize profitability through volatility, Vault Technologies combines farm "big data" with real-time market pricing and analytics, providing a clear picture of previously disconnected dairy information by featuring:

• Real-Time Interactive Financial Dashboards. Individual dairy pro-forma forecasts utilizing live CME market and position data for a 24-month forward-looking P&;L.

• What-If Scenario Analysis. Interactively stress-test a dairy's financials by computing future results based on various dairy and grain prices.

• Custom Reporting. Create, save and export custom reports to make more profitable decisions from any dairy farm data.

According to the company, Vault's comprehensive analytics technology utilizes an individual dairy's unique operational data to create detailed two-year revenue and profit projections that incorporate live market pricing, margin, hedging and "what if scenarios".

It also acts as a secure conduit for key suppliers and consultants who help dairies manage their financial health. And, as a stand-alone company, the software allows dairies to work with any broker and clearing house to utilize the software.


Vault Technologies, LLC

Vault Technologies was launched by Rice Dairy, LLC as a stand-alone software business serving the decision making needs of dairy farmers. By combining real-time access to individual dairy farm data, market pricing and hedging positions, Vault helps dairy farmers make the critical decisions that ensure the maximum profitability of their businesses.


Rice Dairy, LLC

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