Semex, Micro Dairy Logic team to offer 24-hour heat detection

Semex and Micro Dairy Logic have are now teaming up to provide a dairy management system aimed at increasing dairy producers" profits.

This new answer to the profitability question is the 24-hour heat detection system, ai24. The companies say ai24 is "widely considered to be the perfect solution for efficient AI, offering a technology that has the capability to transform the way dairymen manage their herd"s fertility." Proven in the U.S., UK, Canada and developed in Israel, ai24 utilizes the Heatime activity system, a  technology that provides consistent, around the clock heat detection for greater accuracy.

"The benefits of this system are multiple," says Paul Krueger, Semex Director, Sales & Business Development (USA). "We"re now able to offer our clients a system that reduces semen costs by eliminating guesswork, identifies inactive cows, is extremely reliable, and accurate. Working together with Micro Dairy Logic, we"re offering a system designed to maximize profitability by increasing breeding accuracy while reducing labor and semen costs."

The system is available as a stand-alone device for herds under 600 cows, or as Heatime Designed For the PC for herds with more than 600 cows. Both systems collect activity information on cows to determine normal activity levels. Once this base level is established, the control unit identifies cows that are displaying above or below average activity. The system is available with easy-to-use interfaces in English, Spanish and Dutch, enabling the user to review activity for each cow up to 60 days, or through her last two cycles.

Semex has partnered with Micro Dairy Logic, a company dedicated to increasing the profits of dairymen, headquartered in Amarillo, Texas.

"We are excited about this opportunity to align our management systems technologies with the proven programs from Semex to assist dairymen in creating and capturing more dollars in their herd," says Thomas McDowra, Manager of Micro Dairy Logic.

"U.S. dairymen, using the Heatime system have experienced significant increases in both heat detection and pregnancy rates while lowering the cost of breeding and decreasing days open, as well as identifying problematic cows early on," McDowra says.

Contact your Semex representative today and ask about reducing costs and increasing profitability through ai24, the 24-hour heat detection system.

Source: Semex and Micro Dairy Logic news release



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