Shatto Milk Reveals Red Velvet Milk in Support of Kansas City Chiefs

The Shatto Milk Company is showing their support for the Kansas City Chiefs ( Shatto Milk Company )

Showing their support for the Kansas City Chiefs during the National Football League (NFL) playoffs, the Shatto Milk Company has released a limited edition red velvet milk as well as red a gold cheese curds.

Additionally, the company’s logo has been given an update and now resembles the Chiefs’ star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Selling only 10,000 bottles, both Shatto fans and Chiefs fans have gone crazy for this milk with store shelves emptying with only a few hours.

The unique creation has garnered a fair amount of attention on social media as well. Check out some of our favorite photos below:


We love football as well. Shatto Limited edition milk and collectors bottles are hitting stores this week. We will be releasing this special edition WELCOME bottle which will have yellow lettering and be filled with Red Milk – Red Velvet. There will be a total of 10,000 limited edition bottles available and will be offered in limited quantity in all stores that offer Shatto Milk as well as through the family’s farm store and Shatto Home Delivery. Each outlet will have a limited amount of product, so first come first serve. Product will be made available at the farm store starting first thing Saturday morning, January 11th while supplies last. Shatto Home Delivery customers will have to pre-order while supplies last with delivery taking place the week of the 14th and all grocery stores will sell their allotment on the 14th and 15th depending upon which day of the week a specific store receives deliveries. Shatto Milk Company wanted to have a bit of fun with the playoffs going on and take this opportunity to creatively welcome Mr. Mahomes to Kansas City and congratulate him and the entire team on such a great regular season. Now, on to the playoffs. Go Chiefs. Cheers!

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Step one, underway.

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The Kansas City Chiefs will face off against the New England Patriots this Sunday at 5:40 p.m.