Silage Guide

Silage success starts with planning, and the Silage Resource Guide was developed with that in mind. It’s packed with best management practices (BMPs) to help you create quality corn silage. Let it serve as a reminder for those who have been making silage for years and to educate those who are just starting out. We’ve also asked two prominent dairy producers to share their BMPs for growing quality silage. Read it front to back or go straight to the area that interests you most—but be sure to pull it out and keep it handy for the rainy day when you’re making decisions about your silage crop.

Get the guide here.

A reminder: Throughout the entire silage season, don’t forget to plan for safety. Serious accidents can happen at any time. Think through the danger points during every step of the season, and take time to discuss them with your employees or family who are helping you.


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