Sour milk? There’s an app for that

Sour milk? ThereForget the smell test – a new milk jug takes the guess work out of when milk turns sour. By connecting science with technology, consumers will never have to drink spoiled milk unknowingly again.

The Milkmaid, developed by Quirky and General Electric, uses sensors inside the quart-sized jug to monitor the pH balance in milk. Once spoiled, the jug immediately sends the owner a text message to let them know. Text messages can also be sent when the jug is empty as a reminder to pick up another quart of milk according to Digital Trends.

Sour milk? ThereMilk-lovers who have iPhones can also use the Milkmaid iOS application to check milk temperature, the amount of milk left in the jug, and number of days left until the milk will turn sour.  

The jug doesn"t only communicate through cell phones though; it has an indicator light on the jug itself to show users if milk is good or bad.

The Milkmaid isn"t available for purchase yet, but those interested can visit for more information.

Talk to us: Do you think the Milkmaid is the milk jug of the future or unrealistic for most families?



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