Springer prices settling

Top-quality Holstein springer prices fell $400-$500 per head in California in the past month, and were steady or slightly down elsewhere. The winter holiday season may have been a factor in some sales, so prices in the next few months will determine if this is the beginning of a new trend, or a one-month blip in what has been a very strong market for several months. Current springer prices still are up to $1,000 per head higher than they were last year at this time. Meanwhile, Holstein heifer calf prices were steady to slightly lower in the past month.


Springing Heifers

 Heifer Calves

Location (sale date)



90-120 pounds

Turlock, Calif. (1-2-15)




Stratford, Wis. (12-31-14)




Sulphur Springs, Texas (12-4-14)                          



     $  50-400

New Holland, Pa. (12-31-14)







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