Springer Prices Stagnant, Dairy Sales Decline

K-State Dairy Heifers 2016 ( Wyatt Bechtel )

The gradual recovery of U.S. milk prices has not yet reached the dairy replacement market. Holstein springer prices nationwide stayed flat in the past month, with average prices in Wisconsin remaining at near-historic lows. A special dispersal of heifers in Wisconsin in mid-September, however, did yield a healthier average of $1,200-1,500 per head for high-quality Holstein springers. Perhaps as a sign of the times, the Sulphur Springs Livestock and Dairy Auction in Sulphur Springs, Texas, announced it has ceased its monthly dairy sale due to persistent low volume in dairy animal trade. Holstein heifer calves, meanwhile, remain at bargain-basement prices of $50 per head or less in two reported markets.




Springing Heifers

 Heifer Calves

Location (sale date)



90-120 pounds

Turlock, Calif. (10-4-19)




Stratford, Wis. (10-3-19)




Sulphur Springs, Texas                            

No sale

         No sale 

       No sale

New Holland, Pa. (10-2-19)





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