Super Bowl Chunky-Style Milk Commercial Revolts Many on Ag Twitter

A Super Bowl commercial featuring a fake product called “chunky-style milk” had many people on social media gagging, but there were some farmers who were asking people to calm down. ( Mint Mobile )

While the Super Bowl was seen as a bland game lacking offense this year, there were plenty of fireworks on social media where people voiced their displeasure with an advertisement about “chunky-style milk.”

In years past agriculture has been painted with a positive light by Super Bowl advertisements. In 2014, Chevrolet talked about “Romance on the Ranch” between a Hereford bull and some heifers. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) was taken down a notch or two in 2017 with an advertisement that pointed out its funding structure that doesn’t actually help animals directly. A recent commercial receiving the highest praise was Dodge Ram’s “So God Made a Farmer” spot in 2013 featuring narration by legendary radio broadcaster Paul Harvey.

During Super Bowl LIII, the “Chunky-Style Milk” from Mint Mobile might have caused some people to have a weak stomach after eating Super Bowl snacks. The commercial featured a product called “chunky-style milk” because as the animated fox narrator says “that’s not right.” A family is sitting down to breakfast drinking “chunky-style milk because it has the wholesome chunks kids need, unlike smooth style milk.” The mother then pours a glass of the chunk filled liquid into a glass and the whole family enjoys a “beverage.”

The company’s Twitter page even contains the tagline “Chunky style milk? That's not right. But you know what is right? Wireless starting at just $15/month from Mint.” A number of “chunky style milk” tweets followed:

While the advertisement was likely meant to be a funny play on the chunky versus smooth peanut butter debate, it appears to have missed the mark. Many members of the agriculture community went to Twitter and Facebook to voice the disgust with the commercial:


Some farmers asked people to “pick your battles” and “don’t act like vegans stop being offended”:

Here is what other folks were saying about the chunky milk advertisement, which might explain the outrage for some farmers:

The chunky milk commercial wasn’t the only advertisement to draw criticism from farmers, Bud Light’s corn syrup series also sparked some controversy on #agtwitter.

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This nation is turning into a bunch of thin skinned waiting to be offended so they can tweet like the twitters they are.