Sysilco Automated Closure System

Superior Mat and Comfort Inc. is pleased to introduce Sysilco Automated Closure System for Bunker silos.

Designed to overcome the obstacles that are associated with bunker silo covering and storage, the system has been in use for six years in the Netherlands.

Sysilco Automated Closure SystemAvailable for a number of bunker configurations, the system is designed for a single operator in mind. It is made up of a re- usable, high quality cover and a self winding reel that can be mounted on the wall of the bunk or at ground level for silage piles.

Tires, plastic and gravel bags are replaced by the cover with waterlines filled with a non toxic glycol solution that seal and provide weight over the bunk and feed face. The liquid is stored in a bladder or tank near the bunker.

The mechanized drive system can uncover and recover most bunkers in less than half an hour by a hand held remote device and a self winding reel.

Benefits of the Bokano system include:

1) Labor Efficiency – A single open and close operation reduces labor costs

2) Minimum Exposure of Feed – More timely closure ensures fermentation commences quickly

3) Layered Storage – An opportunity to fill your storage by cut layers to provide consistent forage throughout the year

4) Biosecurity – High quality cover keeps feed from avian contamination and deters rodents

5) Quality Product – Reduction of DM loss by limiting exposure (including feed face) to rain and snow.


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