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System Tracks Manure Applications



Automated Section Control for Planting

As an addition to its precision ag product line, Dickey-john offers AutoSwath Control. This automated row shutoff system can be paired with the IntelliAg system to reduce planting overlap. The system automatically enables and disables individual planter sections using a GPS signal as previously planted areas are crossed. The AutoSwath terminal is a 10" full-color monitor dedicated to planter operation. It displays field coverage maps for real-time viewing of the planting operation. The automated feature can also be disabled for manual control to override planter sections if the GPS signal is disrupted. For more information, visit

Farmers who apply manure can meet stringent government regulations with new technology. Digi-Star's Nutrient Tracker uses GPS tracking to monitor and record applications by date and field location. The system was specifically developed to interface with manure spreaders. The NT 460 Scale Indicator stores pounds of manure spread with GPS location and displays actual tons per acre. This enables the operator to calculate the fertilizer value of the manure with scales on the spreader. The documentation allows for easy compliance with Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Natural Resources concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) regulations with precise application information and provides evidence of conforming to USDA–Natural Resources Conservation Service's animal waste management regulations. With optional scales and indicators outfitted on spreaders, the Nutrient Tracker can trace the application rate and collect data on time, field names and amount applied with GPS verification. The system combines this data with a downloaded satellite image of the manure-applied fields. For more information, visit