Ten Ideas to Involve Kids on the Farm - Page 2

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5. Break It - Then fix it!

Kids love to discover how stuff works.  If you have an old motor, computer, or telephone, why not let the kids take it apart? Hand kids a screwdriver and let them see what things look like on the inside.  You may be surprised by their fascination and what they learn along the way.

4. Even inside, kids can be involved

Hay and harvest season may mean dinner is eaten in the field.  However, that doesn’t mean family time is gone.  Involve kids in cooking for farm hands and let them ride along to deliver the meals with these kid-inspired, kid-friendly recipes.

3. Pasture camping

If you’ve been longing to go camping but can’t find the time, pile everyone onto the back of a pickup truck and sleep under the stars in one of your pastures.  Maybe I am strange, but pasture-camping was one of my favorite childhood past-times.  The Perseid Meteor Shower in August could be the perfect time.

2. Slip-n-Slide

Maybe instead of camping, your kids have been longing to go to the beach or waterpark.  Summertime is the perfect time for a slip-n-slide with these simple instructions.  Pro-tip: baby shampoo won’t burn the kids’ eyes.

1. Let the kiddos plan the day

If you’re looking to get off the farm, have the kids plan a day of local events.  Let them set a budget and an hour-by-hour schedule of places they’ve always wanted to explore around town.  A National Park could be a great place to start, too, if the kids pack the picnic and pick the hike.  With youthful planning, some things may not go according to plan.  However, that’s all part of the learning experience and is a recipe for great memories.