Timeline highlights key reproductive advances

Timeline highlights key reproductive advancesIn dairy cattle reproduction, a series of imaginative and forward-thinking inventions led to great advancements in the industry. A timeline compiled by the Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council highlights key historical events, research findings and on-farm implementation of reproductive technology in the dairy industry.

The timeline follows the history of dairy cattle reproduction from 1800 to present. It begins in the 1800s when rectal palpation was first identified as a method for pregnancy diagnosis. Advancements along the way include the debut of artificial insemination in 1938 and ultrasound for pregnancy diagnosis in the 1980s, and most recently, the commercial availability of sexed semen and genomic evaluations.

Click here to read "Where Innovation and Imagination Meet – A Historical Perspective of Dairy Cattle Reproduction."

Source: Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council January 2012 Newsletter



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