Top 10 innovative products of the year named

Top 10 innovative products of the year namedThe votes are in and Dairy Herd Management is pleased to announce the top 10 innovative products of the year.

"Innovation drives the productivity in agriculture and every other business.  It is innovation in technology, innovation in practice and the way we think about our work that have repeatedly increased the productivity in agriculture that feeds our world.  It is for this reason that we started our Innovation Awards this year," says Tim Tobeck, vice president and publisher for Dairy Herd Management

Entries were evaluated by an independent panel of dairy farmers, agribusiness representatives and university experts.

"Our team of experts evaluated and weighed each entry on its originality within the marketplace, usefulness and value to dairy farmers," says Tom Quaife, associate publisher and editor for Dairy Herd Management. "We are very excited and honored to be able to recognize the top 10 innovative products of the year. We feel they represent the best of the best."

This is the first year that Dairy Herd Management has hosted the Innovation Awards and, with more than 30 entries, it was stiff competition. In no particular order, the Top 10 honorees are:

  • Legend Heat Detection System from Animart.
  • PocketDairy Android App from Dairy Records Management Systems.
  • KattleGuard Automatic Hoof Care System from Dairy Solutions Inc.
  • DeLaval AMR from DeLaval Inc.
  • Lely Astronaut A4 Robotic Milking System from Lely USA.
  • Manure Treatment System from Livestock Water Recycling Inc.
  • Trident Nutrient Technology (TNT) Recovery System from Manure Systems Inc.
  • AfiLab from S.A.E. Afikim USA.
  • ai24 HR-Tag from Semex and Micro Dairy Logic.
  • Sysilco Automated Closure System for bunker silos from Superior Mat and Comfort Inc.

Winners were announced Tues., Oct. 4 at the Dairy Herd Management reception at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis.


Top 10 innovative products of the year namedLegend Heat Detection System

Animart introduces the Legend Heat Detection System.

The Legend Heat Detection System is a new radio-automated heat detection system that collects and transmits cow activity data in real time via an antenna and receiver to Legend Track a Cow software. Each receiver can manage up to 250 cows.  The Legend Heat Detection System improves the ability to identify cows in heat by establishing a normal baseline activity based on steps taken per cow and alerting producers to abnormal spikes. 

Features of Legend Heat Detection System include the Track a Cow Pedometer and Software. Legend's pedometer is the smallest tag in electronic heat detection systems at 2.65 ounces, and the only long range leg tag.  Data is gathered in real time, every 6 to 7 minutes, allowing for heats to be detected quickly and timely decisions made. Data is collected through receivers and sent to an on-farm computer or laptop, allowing producers to generate reports and graphs. Legend Heat Detection System also establishes a standing/lying ratio to help identify other possible health issues such as lameness and mastitis. The typical return on investment is around one-and-a-half years, benefitting producers with less days open, increased pregnancy rates, more cows producing milk, decreased use of drugs and semen and less labor for farm staff and management.


Contact an Animart veterinarian at (800) 255-1181 or go to:

Top 10 innovative products of the year namedPocketDairy Android App

Dairy Records Management Systems introduces the PocketDairy Android App.

PocketDairy Android displays vital cow statistics regarding production, reproduction and udder health.  A fling of the screen reveals the lifetime health, vaccination and protocol history.   Views include cow pages and various lists for calving, breeding and other actions.  A variety of filters allow for simplicity of use, even in the largest of herds.

Following an extensive beta phase, this product is being released to PCDART customers worldwide with the option of choosing different languages including English and Spanish. 

The beta phase revealed that producers love programs that can be used on their smartphones, as opposed to having to carry another device dedicated to farm management.  All current customers are using smartphones, although a few are experimenting with the newest Android tablets appearing on the market.


Contact Dairy Records Management Systems at (919) 661-3100 or go to:

Top 10 innovative products of the year namedKattleGuard Automatic Hoof Care System

Dairy Solutions, Inc. introduces the KattleGuard Automatic Hoof Care System.

Unlike traditional foot bath technologies that are little more than pools where cross contamination can occur the KattleGuard Automatic Hoof Care System treats each foot individually with fresh sanitizing product. Using a novel sensing system, the KattleGuard System detects the feet of the animals and accurately targets and then treats them with high velocity low volume sprays.

Besides dispensing fresh solution for each treatment, the system runs eight times more efficiently than traditional bath type systems when it comes to chemical usage. Running the KattleGuard for seven days a week is the goal.


Contact Dairy Solutions Inc. at (559) 752-0198 or go to:

Top 10 innovative products of the year namedDeLaval AMR

DeLaval, Inc. introduces the DeLaval AMR – the first automatic milking rotary. 

Cows access the system in the same way as they do in a traditional rotary. Once on the platform the cow is taken to the teat preparation position. The entrance gate includes electronic ID so the cow's teat positions are pre-stored for the robots to use and the camera to locate. Teats are washed, stimulated, dried and prepared just like in the DeLaval voluntary milking system VMS. The next step is the teat cup attachment and after that the cow moves on until the exit bail position where a last robot sprays her before she is released.  

A typical install will be operated by two robots for teat preparation and another two robots for milking cup attachment. This function is fully automatic and sprays each teat independently using a state of the art time of flight camera that sees the teats and locates them in real-time 3D.

The DeLaval AMR performs individual quarter milking so flow rates, total yield, blood and conductivity are all measured for each quarter.  In order to ensure top hygienic conditions during milking, the system comes with an automatic deck flush module. It consists of a scraper blade and water jets. As with traditional rotary milking and VMS, the AMR is able to milk all breeds of cows.  


Contact DeLaval at (816) 891-7700 or go to:

Top 10 innovative products of the year namedLely Astronaut A4 Robotic Milking System

Lely USA introduces the new Astronaut A4 milking robot.

The Astronaut A4 milking robot has been developed from a clear-cut starting point: the cow. The robot ensures the highest achievable milk quality while its unique management tools ensure you have full control over your herd.

The unique robot arm and I-flow concept allow for quick entrance/ quick exit from the box and are examples of how innovative strategies work to assure cows are milked within a low-threshold system.

Lely offers a unique set of tools to manage both milk quality and the individual cow. Management by exception is the new challenge. To facilitate that, Lely has developed management software dedicated to robotic farming.

The unique features of the Astronaut ensure the most reliable detection of mastitis available in today's marketplace. In-line every day indication of fat and protein levels per cow can be obtained through the Astronaut's optional dynamic milking and feeding module.


Contact Lely USA at (888) 245-4684 or go to:

Top 10 innovative products of the year namedManure Treatment System

Livestock Water Recycling, Inc. introduces the new Manure Treatment System that completely treats and recycles manure liquids.

This economic new system pumps manure straight from the cistern of the livestock barns, extracts out the bulk solids, and sequentially removes fine solids from the liquid stream by the use of mechanical processes and chemical treatment. 

The outputs from this innovative new system are a pileable solid, a very low odor nutrient concentrate and clean potable water. The solids can be piled and moved onto adjacent lands as required.  Once the manure solids are removed, up to 70 percent of the remaining liquid is recovered water.  This water is processed and can be reused in the barns or on the land. This will assist livestock producers with any water shortage issues.  The liquid concentrate can be used as fertilizer on the existing lands or sold. 

The benefits of this full cycle treatment system are numerous.  By isolating and concentrating the solid and nutrient portion of the manure liquids from the water, the volume of product is greatly reduced.  This saves time and money by reducing spreading and transport costs.  Storage of this reduced volume is more manageable. This process reduces the reliance on lagoons for storage and therefore alleviates any associated odor issues.  The producer gains greater control over the concentration of nutrients on lands.  Best of all, the capital cost of the system is very economical.  Depending on the size of the operation the system is priced between $400,000 and $600,000.


Contact Livestock Water Recycling, Inc. at (403) 203-4972 or go to:

Top 10 innovative products of the year namedTrident Nutrient Technology Recovery System

Manure Systems Inc. introduces the Trident Nutrient Technology (TNT) Recovery System.

The Trident Nutrient Technology recovery system is a stand-alone process designed to extract and concentrate nutrients from animal manure. Once sequestered, the recovered nutrients are in a form that can be efficiently transported for use as fertilizer or exported off farm for value added commercial purposes.

Hauling is reduced to one-fifth of that which would normally be required by concentrating nutrients into a sludge that will be 20 percent of the total initial volume. The system routinely captures 45 percent N, 85 percent P and 20 percent K.

The remaining nutrient depleted liquid fraction has dramatically reduced solids content. This clarified effluent can be used as a high quality flush liquid or land applied via approved automated irrigation equipment.

The fully automated system is a combination of proven mechanical and chemical technologies that is simple, reliable and cost effective to use. Its unique plug and play configuration makes it suitable for new or existing dairies providing a real manure management solution that helps dairymen meet their nutrient management plan and maximize their resource and profit potential. The system can be delivered anywhere in the world and is supported by Manure Systems Inc."s global dealer network.


Contact Manure Systems Inc. at (800) 799-3740 or go to:

Top 10 innovative products of the year namedAfiLab

S.A.E. Afikim USA introduces the AfiLab.

AfiLab analyzes dairy cow milk components and continuously collects vital data relating to every individual cow at each milking session. Installed at every milking point between the milk meter and milk collection line, AfiLab is in direct communication with the dairy's computer, thus collecting vital information about milk composition and enabling decisions in real time.

AfiLab's real-time analysis adds a new dimension to dairy farming. Virtually self-operating, AfiLab provides on-line analysis used for optimizing feeding, monitoring herd health via timely alerts, and for raising milk processing efficiency – all of which delivers the added value to ensure that farm owners gain a competitive edge in their operations.

AfiLab measures fat, protein and lactose content, identifies the presence of blood and stops the milking. It has uninterrupted measurement of milk components and there are no moving parts or milk flow obstructions.

AfiLab provides milk component data used for monitoring feeding strategies and for early detection of nutrition problems. This enables early identification of health problems including: negative energy balance, acidosis, low fat syndrome, and mastitis.


Contact S.A.E. Afikim USA Inc. at (330) 837-6735 or go to:

Top 10 innovative products of the year namedai24 SCR HR-Tag

Semex and Micro Dairy Logic introduce the ai24 SCR HR-Tag.

ai24's SCR HR-Tag contains a motion sensor, microprocessor, memory and a specially tuned microphone that detects a cow's rumination time, chewing rhythm and time between feed boluses. It also records a general activity index that quantifies all animal movement and movement intensity (walking, running, laying, standing up, head movements etc). An onboard CPU analyzes the vocal signals and calculates rumination time. Both activity and rumination data are stored in two hours blocks for up to 24 hours. Upon downloading, data can be displayed in either report or graphic format.

ai24's SCR HR-Tag rumination monitoring provides the following advantages to dairymen:

  • Unparalleled accuracy in heat detection - rumination provides additional validation for cows displaying only borderline activity increases. Customers report up to 95 percent heat detection rate.
  • Exact determination of optimal insemination times for optimal conception rates.
  • Early detection of health problems - in many cases prior to cows exhibiting clinical signs and a drop in milk production.
  • Monitoring of post-partum recuperation and identification of early lactation metabolic issues.
  • Prompt detection of herd nutritional problems.
  • Monitoring of herd well-being (example: cooling system effectiveness during periods of heat stress). 

ai24's SCR HR-Tag has the following features:

  • Multifunctional tags - combine identification, activity monitoring and rumination monitoring in one single tag.
  • Highly reliable - Infra red communication, no regulatory constraints.
  • Easy to use - detailed graphic information only a few keystrokes away.
  • Scalability - can be utilized as a stand alone PC based system and later combined with SCR's milking point solutions and integrated into an SCR Data Flow full herd management system. The initial investment is never lost.
  • Farm proven - hundreds of thousands of SCR HR-Tags in use in farms throughout Europe and Oceania.


Contact Semex at (800) 303-2855, go to:, contact Micro Dairy Logic at (806) 372-2369 or go to:

Top 10 innovative products of the year namedSysilco Automated Closure System

Superior Mat and Comfort Inc., is pleased to introduce the Sysilco Automated Closure System for bunker silos.

Designed to overcome the obstacles that are associated with bunker silo covering and storage, the system has been in use for six years in the Netherlands.

Available for a number of bunker configurations, the system is designed for a single operator in mind. It is made up of a re- usable, high quality cover and a self winding reel that can be mounted on the wall of the bunk or at ground level for silage piles.

Tires, plastic and gravel bags are replaced by the cover with waterlines filled with a non-toxic glycol solution that seal and provide weight over the bunk and feed face. The liquid is stored in a bladder or tank near the bunker.

The mechanized drive system can uncover and recover most bunkers in less than half an hour by a hand held remote device and a self winding reel. Benefits of the Sysilco Automated Closure System include:

  • Labor efficiency. A single open and close operation reduces labor cost.
  • Minimum exposure of feed. More timely closure ensures fermentation commences quickly.
  • Layered storage. An opportunity to fill your storage by cut layers to provide consistent forage throughout the year.
  • Biosecurity. High quality cover keeps feed from avian contamination and deters rodents.
  • Quality product. Reduction of dry matter loss by limiting exposure (including feed face) to rain and snow.


Contact Superior Mat &; Comfort Inc. at (519) 485-6202 or go to: