Top 10 Nutrition Articles of 2019 -Continued

Top 10 Nutrition Articles of 2019 ( Taylor Leach (Spark) )

5. Should You Treat for Ketosis?

It’s important we do everything we can to provide the maximum amount of energy to these fresh cows to try and minimize the amount of fat and protein that has to be mobilized. There are multiple energy supplements, bypass fat and glucose precursors that can be added to the fresh-cow ration to help meet these elevated requirements for high-producing cows.

4. Why Cows Don't Get Pregnant

Research has been able to shed light on the interrelationships between nutrition and reproduction, helping dairy owners manage their herds to improve reproductive efficiency.

3. Why Heifer Maturity Really, Really Matters

There has been a somewhat on-going but low-key debate over whether calving heifers at early ages increases lifetime milk and revenue. The problem has often been confounded because some dairies find it works well while other dairies find it doesn’t.

2. How to Make $50,000

Every dairy farmer would love to make an extra $100 per cow per year. For a 100-cow dairy, that represents $10,000 in higher profits. For a 500-cow dairy, it means $50,000 to the bottom line.

1. Weight on Silage Covers Critical

Recent regulations prohibiting the use of waste car tires to weight down plastic silage covers means farmers need to find alternatives quickly.