The Top 10 Silage Safety Tips

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Silage structures have year-long safety concerns — from harvest to feedout. Yet, there should be little risk as long as everyone knows and understands the silage safety guidelines.

The simplest way to ensure the operation’s rules for safe silage production are clear is to hold an annual safety meeting. A yearly refresher is important even for long-term employees. With clear farm policies in place, producers can focus on the numerous benefits of silage to livestock and farm productivity.

The top 10 silage safety tips producers should always cover each year include:

  1. Never repair any machinery while it is running.
  2. Do not fill a silage structure higher than unloading equipment can safely reach.
  3. Stay clear of silos for at least three weeks after filling.
  4. Never work in or near a bunker or silage pile alone.
  5. Wear a safety vest when working around silage.
  6. When on top of a silage pile, stand no closer than six feet to the feedout face.
  7. Use caution when removing plastic, tires, tire sidewalls or gravel bags.
  8. When sampling silage, take samples from a loader bucket after it is moved to a safe distance from the feedout face.
  9. Use proper unloading techniques, which includes shaving silage down the feedout face.
  10. Never stand closer to the feedout face than three times its height.

Share these tips and more with everyone on your silage team. For more information, download the free Lallemand Animal Nutrition Silage Safety Handbook available at


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