Tornado Destroys Wisconsin Dairy Barn

A tornado leveled a dairy barn at Pebble Knolls Dairy near Waupun, Wis. ( WBAY )

A series of tornados spread across south central Wisconsin last evening. According to, at least three tornados are believed to have touched down, resulting in damages and power outages in several areas.

Many dairies were impacted, including Pebble Knolls Dairy near Waupun.

“I heard the roar,” says Dick Wetzel, who owns the 600-cow dairy. The tornado that hit his dairy leveled the freestall barn where cows were housed. No people were hurt and damage to the cows is uncertain.

“It’s hard to say at this time. Some of them are buried under the rubble yet and we can’t get to them. We’re working on it,” Wetzel says.

Those cows that weren’t buried were transported to other farms with the help of neighbors and friends.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the dairy to help offset costs of the destruction. To contribute, click here.

In addition to Pebble Knolls Dairy, a roof was blown off of the Saputo Cheese factory.