Tornado Hits Oregon Dairy, Totaling Two Barns

A dairy in western Oregon was hit by a tornado, completely totaling two barns on the farm.

Spencer's Dairy Farm near Lacomb, Ore. was hit by a small, EF1 rated tornado on Sept. 19 at 1:07 pm PST. It was originally rated an EF0, but officials with the National Weather Service upgraded the storm after looking at damage. The tornado took a path of one mile and had a width of 500 feet and winds were estimated to have been 86-105 mph.

Five barns on the dairy suffered extensive damage because of high winds from the storm. The Lebanon Fire District reports that two of the barns totaling more than 23,000 square feet were complete losses.

The dairy 90 miles south of Portland did not suffer any livestock losses and no people were injured. The debris path and damage were spread for ¾ of a mile. Eight nearby homes did not suffer any damage. Power lines and tree branches were knocked down by the storm.

A video from KOIN shows damage via a helicopter:

Photos of the damage can be seen via the Lebanon Fire District's Facebook page: 

Here is the location of the dairy and an aerial view via GoogleMaps: