Trick or treat? Chocolate milk the official Halloween drink

Trick or treat? Chocolate milk the official Halloween drinkChocolate milk isn't just the official Halloween drink in Florida. The Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP) has again teamed with PEANUTS characters to promote chocolate milk during Halloween.

"This Halloween, Milk will once again team up with the beloved PEANUTS® characters, reconnecting Mom with the characters and flavors she loved as a child to drive in-store purchase of the tasty, nutritious treat. No tricks," MilkPEP said in a news release.

The Florida Dairy Farmers group suggests serving chocolate milk on Halloween to give trick-or-treaters a nutrition boost that is disguised as a sweet treat. The group also suggests several recipes featuring milk, including Dirt Cups with Brownie Brittle and Halloween Ghost shakes. Click here to learn more.

Milk brands are also turning on the trick-or-treat charm with special, limited editions of Halloween treats. TruMoo released orange-tinted vanilla and chocolate milk, while the Shatto Milk Co., released its candy corn-flavored milk.



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