Trident Nutrient Technology Recovery System

Trident Nutrient Technology Recovery SystemThe Trident Nutrient Technology (TNT) recovery system is a stand-alone process designed to extract and concentrate nutrients from animal manure. Once sequestered, the recovered nutrients are in a form that can be efficiently transported for use as fertilizer or exported off farm for value added commercial purposes.

Reductions of up to 500 percent in hauling costs can be achieved by concentrating nutrients into a sludge that will be 20 percent of the total initial volume. The system routinely captures 45 percent N, 85 percent P and 20 percentK.

The remaining nutrient depleted liquid fraction has dramatically reduced solids content. This clarified effluent can be used as a high quality flush liquid or land applied via approved automated irrigation equipment.

The fully automated system is a combination of proven mechanical and chemical technologies that is simple, reliable and cost effective to use. Its unique plug and play configuration makes it suitable for new or existing dairies providing a real manure management solution that helps dairymen meet their nutrient management plan and maximize their resource and profit potential. The system can be delivered anywhere in the world and is supported by our global dealer network.


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