Trudeau Wins Another Term, Canadian Dairy Not Happy

Trudeau 2nd Term 102319
Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada ( MGN Image )

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has won a second term following Canada's national elections.

While Trudeau's Liberal Party took the most seats in Parliament, it lost the overall popular vote to the Conservative Party.  That means the Liberal Party will have to rely on an opposition party to pass legislation.

A Canadian dairy group told AgDay National Reporter Betsy Jibben they believe the trilateral trade deal between the U.S, Mexico, and Canada (USMCA) will be passed by the Canadian Parliament now, especially since Prime Minister Trudeau was there from the beginning of the talks.

That's despite the fact Canadian dairy farmers don't especially agree with the USMCA deal.

"Unfortunately, yes, I don't think the government is going to change their mind after signing the dotted line," said Gerald Schipper, the President of Holstein Canada.

Schipper says Canadian dairy farmers are upset.  They feel as if Trudeau doesn't defend supply management, the way the Canadian dairy industry operates, giving away Canada's market access.

Trudeau also said during a news conference on Wednesday that he wants to build the Trans Mountain pipeline from Alberta's oil sands to the Pacific Coast quickly.  The project has been stalled by court challenges and environmental opposition.  Many people in Alberta are increasingly angry over what they see as Trudeau's inability to get it built. Trudeau says Canadians want him to fight climate change, but that building the oil pipeline his government bought remains a priority.

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