TruMoo now with less sugar

Concerned parents spoke, and Dean Foods listened.

The push to reduce sugar in flavored milk drinks is increasing, and newly reformulated TruMoo chocolate milk tackles the issue head on. Now with 40 percent less sugar, TruMoo hopes to maintain its status as the nation's leading ready-to-serve chocolate milk brand.

According to a news release, the new TruMoo chocolate milk has just 30 more calories than low-fat white milk and 35 percent less sugar than its leading chocolate milk competitor.

"When we launched TruMoo back in 2011, our chocolate milk contained 15-20 percent less sugar than other brands of chocolate milk on the market," Greg Schwarz, senior director of marketing at Dean Foods, said in the news release. "But we are constantly focusing on how we can make our products even better. The new TruMoo reformulation is another step in that direction. Kids will love the same great taste of TruMoo, and moms can feel even more confident serving it to them."  

A 2012 MilkPEP survey found that 85 percent of moms of school-aged children reported feeling "positively about the benefits chocolate milk provides their children." Read more here.

Sugar in chocolate and flavored milk is a growing concern among parents, and it has even prompted some schools to ban chocolate milk from the lunchroom.

"However, no link has been established between chocolate milk and childhood obesity. Read "Is chocolate milk ban-worthy?"

Many school districts around the company have attempted to ban the popular drink only to have to reinstate it just a few months later. One school district in West Virginia initially took milk off the lunch menu, only to reverse course when milk consumption dropped by 38 percent in the elementary and middle schools and by 75 percent in the high schools.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported on the issue for CNN, and pointed that milk with sugar is better than no milk at all. Read, "What would Aunt Bea say?"