Unique Study Harnesses Methane From Cows

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A new study harnesses the power of methane from cows. It's reported, depending on the study, cows produce up to 25% of methane emissions, and methane is an issue when it comes to greenhouse gas, but can anything be done to help reduce that, or maybe even harness that gas?

Leave it to science to try and come up with a solution, and hold on because this is pretty wild!

Researchers from Argentina's National Institute of Agricultural Technology put plastic backpacks on cow's back ends.  They then put tubes into the biggest part of their digestive tracts. This was all in an effort to extract methane.

Researchers say they found one cow can produce enough to run a car or a fridge for 24 hours. While they're not planning to put this technique to use as part of the mainstream, they say it demonstrates it is possible to collect methane from cows and possibly use it for energy. They're even imagining a future farm where a couple of cows could power the whole facility.