University of Maryland Dairy celebrates 90 years

University of Maryland Dairy celebrates 90 yearsThe Maryland Dairy is celebrating 90 years of making its famous, hand‐crafted, small‐batch ice cream at the University of Maryland. The celebration kicked off in mid-October with premium ice cream specials for Homecoming Week and continues this month with a featured Pumpkin Swirl flavor. The ice cream team, led by Chef Jeff Russo, is creating new menu items and seasonal flavors that will debut in November and December. The celebration culminates with a 90th Anniversary Party on December 12, the last day of classes.

The Dairy Salesroom opened in 1924 in the Dairy Building on Route One in College Park as an outlet for dairy products supplied by University cows. The Dairy originally featured milk, butter, cream and eggs. Dr. Wendell S. Arbuckle and Dr. C. Walter England of the College of Agriculture pioneered ice cream recipes and experimented with new flavors and techniques. Dr. Arbuckle and Dr. England are considered to be the fathers of modern ice cream and Dr. Arbuckle"s book is still circulating as one of the definitive texts.

As campus grew, and land became more valuable, the dairy herd was moved off‐campus to University farms. In 2005, UMD Dining Services was charged with making Famous Maryland Dairy ice cream. The manufacturing equipment and refrigeration units were moved to South Campus Dining Hall. Dining Services still uses some of the original equipment and original recipes developed by Dr. Arbuckle and Dr. English in the 1920s and 1930s.

University of Maryland Dairy celebrates 90 years"The campus has always been proud of Maryland Dairy Ice Cream. It was groundbreaking when it first appeared on campus in the twenties, a small‐town tradition in the fifties and now represents tradition and innovation on our campus" says Joe Mullineaux, senior associate director, Dining Services.

This April, the Maryland Dairy moved from the Dairy Building (now known as Turner Hall) to the Stamp Student Union. The Maryland Dairy continues to offer traditional flavors as well as University themed flavors like Fear the Turtle, Rockin" Randy and B1G. Guests can enjoy a scoop of famous Maryland Dairy ice cream in a cup, a cone, a sundae, a banana split, a root beer float, or in a decadent hand spun milkshake. Ice cream is also available in half gallons and three‐gallon tubs.



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