UPDATE: Witness Claims Suspect Coerced to Abuse Animals at Fair Oaks

Fair Oaks Update 062019

There's a new twist in the investigation of alleged animal cruelty at Fair Oaks Farms in Northern Indiana. You'll remember, animal activists released undercover video taken at the farm, which showed calves being kicked and thrown.

Now, a prosecutor says investigators are looking into whether one of the animal activists coerced employees into abusing the animals.

Newton County, Indiana prosecuting attorney Jeff Drinski released a statement:

"A third party witness has come forward to corroborate the allegations made by a suspect that the ARM employee encouraged or coerced the behavior depicted in the portions of the video that have been released publicly".

The undercover video was shot by Animal Recovery Mission.  The group's founder, Richard Couto is calling the allegation "ridiculous and absurd".  He says none of the group's video show any encouragement of abuse. 

One suspect, who is a former employee of Fair Oaks Farms, is in custody.  Police are still searching for two others.

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