Washington dairy fined for water pollution

UPDATED: Officials with the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) have cited Edaleen Dairy in Lynden, Wash., for two violations of the state"s Water Pollution Control Act.

According to WSDA, one of the citations involved improperly applying manure onto a field. The other involved a leaking valve in the dairy"s waste water system that allowed polluted water to enter tributaries that lead to a creek identified as salmon habitat. See the release here.

The fines totaled $17,000. 

Edaleen Dairy issued a response to the citations and fine, reaffirming its responsibility to protect natural resources.

"We at Edaleen Dairy have a long-standing commitment to operating our dairy in a manner that meets the expectations of our neighbors and the wider community. This incident will only strengthen that commitment," the dairy said in a news release, available here.

Hector Castro with the WSDA told KGMI News Talk Radio that while the dairy has been cooperative, it has received fines for similar problems in the past. Read more.

Capital Press reports that the dairy has initiated the appeals process. Mitch Moorlag, the dairy's general manager, explained that the dairy will have 30 days to opt for either a potential settlement hearing or to proceed to the state"s Pollution Control Hearings Board. See, "Dairy to appeal $17,000 fine levied over manure, water violations."



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