We Could All Use a Little Expo

World Dairy Expo ( Jim Dickrell )

It’s been a tough year. Your milk check has been awful, trade issues continue to escalate and immigration reform creates ongoing labor uncertainty. Not to mention the news is full of suicide and negativity. You need a break, and World Dairy Expo can’t come soon enough.

It’s hard to be overwhelmed by the world when you go to Expo. The animals are gorgeous, as is the set- ting in which they are shown. Take a minute and sit ringside for any show and appreciate the beauty of the cattle exhibited. While you’re there, watch the young people in the Showring. There is so much excitement in their eyes as they parade their pride and joy on the world’s biggest dairy stage.

Venture over to the Trade Show where you’ll find the latest and shiniest products and booths staffed with people who wants to hear your thoughts and answer your questions. You can sit and listen to educational seminars and Virtual Farm Tours to learn about how you can make things better on your own operation. Hope springs eternal around every corner.

And then there’s my favorite: the grilled cheese sandwiches (Swiss, of course) and chocolate shakes. All that dairy goodness washes away the worries of the world.

No doubt you’ll find friends, some you see right there at Expo every year, and others who you saw last weekend at church. Soon you’ll find yourselves talking about that great Junior 3-Year- Old class, or the robotic milkers in the Exhibition Hall, or the fresh cheese curds at the outdoor food court.

For a while you won’t be thinking about the milk price or the stack of bills on your desk. World Dairy Expo is important every year, but the break from reality it provides is more critical this year more than most.